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Find Your Ring Size

Don’t know her ring size and want to keep it in surprise, there are few why to know her ring size. One way is to ask her mom, sister or best friend, they might know her finger size. Another way is borrow her ring (from the correct finger) and use one of the methods below to determine its size.
  • You can take the ring to any jewelry store and ask to them to clean the ring, most stores will perform this service free of charge and then ask the jeweler to check the size of the ring for you.
  • You can ship the ring to us; we will measure the size and ship it back to you.
  • You can use a ruler to find your ring size. Slip the ring on your finger and mark the spot it fits. Then cut a thin strip of paper that can comfortably wrap around the finger. Mark the spot on the paper where it completes a circle. Measure the strip of paper and match your size. For example: if the length is 51.8mm than your ring is size 6. Download the page below for complete chart.
  • Download our ring sizer page and place the ring over the circles. Match the ring to the circle that completely fills the inside of the ring without overlapping. The size written inside the matching circle is your ring size.
  • Please note: You need to take the knuckle into consideration when sizing. In some cases the bottom of the finger may be smaller than the knuckle. Also take into consideration your knuckle size when purchasing a ring with a wider band which should be sized ½ -1 size larger.
Women’s rings typically range from size 3 to 9. The most commonly purchased women’s ring sizes at Blue Nile range from size 5 to 7. Size 6 is the most popular ring size.

Printable Ring Size Guide

The following printable ring size guide will help you determine your ring size. Please measure it few times to eliminate an incorrect reading.

Find your size with an existing ring

  • Use a ring that you wear between the pinky and middle finger.
  • Print the sheet by clicking the link beside and put the ring on the circle. The circle that is the closest to the inside edge of the ring is the good size.
  • More detailed instructions will appear on the printed sheet.

Find your ring size with our ring sizer

  • Print the ring sizer by clicking the link below.
  • Your ring sizer to measure your ring size.
  • More detailed instructions will appear on the printed sheet.
In case this page does not provide you with the information you require to determine your ring size please contact us upon completing the order. It is important that you will know the correct finger size so the ring fits comfortably.

60-Day free ring resizing
Each customer is entitled to one free ring resizing within 60 days of purchase. Please note: Eternity bands and tension rings that cannot be resized and must be completely remanufactured.

Ring Size Chart

The Length
In Millimeters
The Length
In Inches
UK, Europe,
and Australia
United States
and Canada
44.2mm 1.740 in F 3
44.8mm 1.765 in. F 1/2 3 1/4
45.5mm 1.790 in. G 3 1/2
46.1mm 1.815 in. G 1/2 3 3/4
46.7mm 1.840 in. H 4
47.4mm 1.865 in. H 1/2 4 1/4
48.0mm 1.890 in. I 4 1/2
48.7mm 1.915 in. J 4 3/4
49.3mm 1.941 in. J 1/2 5
49.9mm 1.966 in. K 5 1/4
50.6mm 1.991 in. K 1/2 5 1/2
51.2mm 2.016 in. L 5 3/4
51.8mm 2.041 in. L 1/2 6
52.5mm 2.066 in. M 6 1/4
53.1mm 2.091 in. M 1/2 6 1/2
53.8mm 2.116 in. N 6 3/4
54.4mm 2.141 in. N 1/2 7
55.0mm 2.167 in. O 7 1/4
55.7mm 2.192 in. O 1/2 7 1/2
56.3mm 2.217 in. P 7 3/4
56.9mm 2.242 in. P 1/2 8
57.6mm 2.267 in. Q 8 1/4
58.2mm 2.292 in. Q 1/2 8 1/2
58.9mm 2.317 in. R 8 3/4
59.5mm 2.342 in. R 1/2 9
60.1mm 2.368 in. S 9 1/4
60.8mm 2.393 in. S 1/2 9 1/2
61.4mm 2.418 in. T 9 3/4
62.1mm 2.443 in. T 1/2 10
62.7mm 2.468 in. U 10 1/4
63.3mm 2.493 in. U 1/2 10 1/2
64.0mm 2.518 in. V 10 3/4
64.6mm 2.543 in. V 1/2 11
65.2mm 2.569 in. W 11 1/4
65.9mm 2.594 in. W 1/2 11 1/2
66.5mm 2.619 in. X 11 3/4
67.2mm 2.644 in. X 1/2 12
67.8mm 2.669 in. Y 12 1/4
68.4mm 2.694 in. Z 12 1/2
69.1mm 2.719 in. Z 1/2 12 3/4
69.7mm 2.744 in.   13
70.3mm 2.769 in. Z1 13 1/4
71.0mm 2.795 in.   13 1/2
71.6mm 2.820 in. Z2 13 3/4
72.3mm 2.845 in. Z3 14
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