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Wedding Ring Guide

Women's Wedding Rings

Finding the perfect wedding ring for her that also complements her engagement ring and best matches her ring set can slow your decision. Tiffany Jones Designs offer an incredible collection of wedding rings.
Use the guidance below to help you finding the perfect wedding ring for her.

It is traditional for a woman to wear her wedding ring on the same finger that she wear her engagement. The ring finger is the fourth one in the human and according to an ancient Roman tradition there is vein that connected between that finger rights to the heart, a symbol of love.

If you choose to wear the wedding ring together with your engagement ring on the same finger, you have to consider how the rings will fit together.
Matching Rings

Matching rings

Lots of women like the similarity and the even proportion of two matching rings and some rings are designed to fit together, one next to the other; the side diamond are the same size and shape, the type of metal is the same and even the type of setting is the same.
Mixture of styles

Mixture of styles

Some women like to create their own unique look and like to choose different design to fit their engagement ring, something that become very much popular recently.
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