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The style of an engagement ring should match the personality of the person who will be wearing. There are thousands of different designs of engagement rings and they all divided into 3 categories main: Solitaire Rings, Three-Stone Rings and Rings with Side Stones.

While some prefer the elegant simplicity of a single diamond, others may choose for a setting with side stones. Take your time and browse our entire selection to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important events of your life, let Tiffany Jones Designs help you with this search. Below are the three most popular diamond engagement ring settings:

Solitaire Rings

For over a decade, the solitaire engagement ring has been the ultimate statement of elegance and tradition, and by far the most popular engagement ring style.

If you are planning to surprise your special lady with a ring, a diamond solitaire ring is a choice that she will treasure forever. A classic woman with simpler, more streamlined taste will probably prefer a beautifully-made solitaire setting with one fantastic diamond.

The solitaire ring is composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting. There are many kinds of solitaire ring settings, all of them simple and elegant. Each diamond solitaire ring setting has its own advantages and characteristics. Whether you want to showcase an impressive stone with a hefty carat weight, or you want to show off a modest but high-quality stone without overwhelming it, the diamond solitaire ring is the perfect choice.

The choice of metal is entirely up to your budget and style.

Cherished for its durability and modern shine, platinum has recently been added to the metal of choice for solitaire engagement rings.

However, white gold and yellow gold remain the most popular metals for solitaire engagement ring settings.

The center diamond is by far the most important choice and deserves your careful attention. Since buying a diamond is a matter of personal taste and budget, it is important to read our diamond education before you choose the perfect stone to set into your solitaire setting. Or you can also choose from our pre-set solitaire rings and look for a solitaire ring that speaks to you.

Different Solitaire Rings Settings

For extra help finding your perfect solitaire ring fill free to contact our diamond expert and jewelry consultant at 1-800-988-5145.

Three-Stone Rings

The three-stone rings also known as past-present-future ring and according to some this ring will honor the history you had together and the future you will share.

The three-stone diamond engagement ring is a classic choice for proposals, as well as being a popular gift for other occasions such as anniversaries. The three-stone ring is as beautiful as it is meaningful, and there are variations available to suit every personality.

The classic three-stone rings are combination of round, princess or radiant while the two side stones are smaller than the center stone. However, some couples like to customize the side stone with unusual shape like pears, half-moons, trapezoids, trillions. Some couples even decide to set the side-stone gemstones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds or more personal meaning, like birthstones.

Different Solitaire Rings Settings

All of our three-stone rings are already pre-set, to make your own combination of center stone and side stones please contact our diamond expert and jewelry consultant at 1-800-988-5145.

Rings with Side-Stones

Diamond engagement rings that have been set with lots of small diamonds (also called melee) are a gorgeous way to highlight a beautiful stone. These types of rings become more popular than ever, there are literally hundreds of different designs, from a classic pave setting on the band to the more striking micro pave halo style. Your engagement ring can come with a thick row of channel-set stones, an unusual engraving on the band, or even a color diamond in the center.

Our master jeweler and jewelry designers express their creativity with unusual and fascinating designs giving you the opportunity to choose from so many styles, you are sure to find the engagement ring of your dreams.

For women who like a lot of sparkle, an intricate pave setting with rows of diamonds might be preferable. An engagement ring with delicate engraving might appeal to a woman who likes antique rings.

For exquisite diamond engagement rings, Tiffany Jones Designs provide you with a huge amount of extraordinary ring designs. With such a wide variety of diamond engagement rings to choose from, you’re sure to find a ring that will make her heart melt.

Different Solitaire Rings Settings

Most of our rings with side stones are already pre-set, to make your own combination of center stone and setting check our Build your Engagement Ring section or contact our diamond expert and jewelry consultant at 1-800-988-5145. Once you pick the perfect diamond engagement ring, you'll probably want a wedding band to match.

Antique Vintage Engagement Rings

There is something exquisite about vintage engagement rings, whether you are using an heirloom or creating an antique look, an antique style ring is one that tells a story of days gone by. They offer an air of mystery to today’s contemporary woman, and whether the style is Edwardian, Art Nouveau, or Art Deco, a vintage ring makes a very profound statement about the woman that wears it.
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